The saddest part of the Bhopal woman's molestation case is the sorrow of broken promises.

Woman attacked by three molesters in Bhopal, India, in June . She had over 100 stitches on her face after being slashed by attackers she had fought off .

BHOPAL: The brave woman, who had over 100 stitches on her face after being slashed by attackers she had fought off, can barely walk today.One of the stitches had pierced her left eyelid, which is now agonizingly swollen, infected, and oozes constantly.However, she admits that her greatest pain is a result of the administration's unkept promises.Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the Chief Minister, had visited her and promised that the government would take care of her medical expenses.

On June 9, she was struck in the chest with a knife in the heart of the city when she assaulted three molesters and hit one of them.To close her wounds, she needed over 100 stitches.The government demolished the house of the prime suspect, Badshah Beg, and apprehended all three molesters, including two boys.The team visited her at home and was shocked by her improvement in health in three months.

The 100 stitches' scars are painfully apparent.Since the incident, I have swelling around my entire body.When I go to the doctors at Hamidia Hospital, they take me from one place to another.They sometimes don't even arrive and tell me to go away.

My husband whitewashes buildings, and his income is extremely poor.How can I purchase drugs?Since my body and even my face are bloated, the 40-year-old said, wincing at every word.The physical scars are visible, but the psychological and emotional pain is much greater.

I do not allow my children to travel alone.Unidentified men have often roamed around our house, so I only go out with my husband, according to the survivor.She used to work as a maid to provide the family with food, but after the horrific assault, she couldn't take care of herself, let alone work.According to her, her minor daughter and husband do all the cooking and housework.

I do get things done occasionally, but not always.When I ask for help from relatives, they mock me, claiming that my wife was given Rs 10 lakh from the government, as it was published in a journal.We only got Rs 1.5 lakh from the state government and Bhopal MP Pragya Thakur for the rest of the year.The money was devoted to my wife's care.

The CM had given us all advice in the way I treated my wife and the development of my children.My children were accepted to a government academy, but we are getting no government assistance.According to him, we need to speak with the CM to inform him of our issues.After the attack, the survivor was admitted to Hamidia Hospital, according to Priya Thakur, a former member of the National Women Commission investigation committee.

I have spoken to the relevant departments about the issue.The victims' most recent visit to the hospital is unknown to them.Dr. Ashish Gohiya, the hospital superintendent of Hamidia, said, We will speak with the patient.