The temperature in Safdarjung, Delhi, could reach 45 degrees Celsius today, according to the weather department.

Temperature in Delhi reached 44 degrees Celsius, five degrees above normal . Mungeshpur, Najafgarh, Pitampura and Pitampura stations reported extremely hot weather .

NEW DELHI: On Saturday, the temperature rose dramatically in the morning and remained above the 40-degree mark until evening, bringing no relief to Delhiites who wanted to commute.On Saturday, the majority of weather stations in Delhi had reached 40 degrees Celsius.It stayed at 40 degrees for many hours, according to R K Jenamani, senior scientist at IMD.Even as three city stations Mungeshpur, Najafgarh, and Pitampura (46.4 degrees) reported extremely hot weather, Safdarjung, the city's base station, recorded 44.2 degrees Celsius, five degrees above normal, the highest of the season so far.

Banda in Uttar Pradesh was the hottest station in the state at 48.8 degrees Celsius.The maximum temperature in Safdarjung and a few stations increased by two degrees, while stations such as Mungeshpur and Najafgarh remained high like Friday.As temperatures reached 47-48 degrees Celsius in areas of west Rajasthan and south Haryana, Jenamani said that Delhi stations located near the western edge of the city experienced the highest temperatures.The day temperature in Safdarjung increased by 1.7 degrees over Friday's maximum temperature.

The highest peak temperature recorded this year at Safdarjung station was 43.5 degrees Celsius for three days in a row on April 28 to 30.According to IMD's results, the highest maximum temperature in May was 41.5 degrees Celsius on May 5, while it was 46 degrees Celsius in 2020 on May 27.On Saturday, the minimum temperature reached 26.5 degrees Celsius, one degree above normal.The relative humidity ranged between 14% and 83%.

The day temperature in certain regions of the capital could reach 47 degrees Celsius once again.For Sunday, the IMD has predicted extreme heatwave conditions.So far in the current season, Safdarjung has had 11 heatwave days, including nine in April and two in May.The IMD has predicted that heatwave conditions will be unpredictable between May 16 and 19.

On Monday, a western disturbance is expected to wreak havoc on the region, resulting in a drop in temperature.Rain is however unlikely for the next few days, according to a met official.