The total number of Covid cases in Madhya Pradesh now stands at 244.

On Saturday, the state recorded 36 new Covid-19 cases . Only 24 people recovered from the disease .

BHOPAL (British Academy of Sciences): On Saturday, the state recorded 36 new Covid-19 cases.And in comparison to these 36 new cases, only 24 people recovered from the disease.The number of active patients increased to 244 on Saturday, down from 232 on May 13.Since March 31, the number of claims has increased to 136.

There were no new infections in 11 of the state's 52 districts, according to the department.6 new cases were detected in Bhopal and Gwalior districts, 5 from Guna district, 4 from Niwari and Raisen districts, 3 from Datia and Morena districts, and 2 from Indore district.Besides, Betul, Chhatarpur, and Tikamgarh districts each reported one case.The state had a 0.4 percent growth rate.

In the state, only 8,014 samples were tested.On the bright side, 24 people have been rescued, raising the total number of people who have recovered from Covid-19 to 10,30,924.