The turnout in the peaceful Mandar by-election is 61.25 percent.

The Mandar bypoll was held in Ranchi, India, on Thursday . The result was a peaceful and peaceful election .

Ranchi: The Mandar bypoll was carried out peacefully on Thursday, with a turnout of 61.25%, which was only 7% less than the 2019 assembly election, which saw the turnout of 67.28%.According to Chhavi Ranjan, a deputy commissioner cum district electoral officer in Ranchi, we saw a turnout of 61.25%.The entire polling process was smooth, and no evidence of technical snags or other issues has been revealed.Ranjan didnt explain the reasons for the lack of participation, but another official said, More than 60% participation is considered acceptable for a bypoll.

All EVMs will be stored in the Pandra Bazar Samiti strong room, where they will be counted on June 26 at 8 a.m., according to the DC.He said that the general observers would perform a review of the EVMs on Friday, according to him.The election authorities had created a total of 433 booths for the bypoll, out of which 429 were designated as the main polling booths and four as auxiliary ones.Of the total, 145 were classified as highly vulnerable, 216 as fragile, and 55 as vulnerable.In 239 booths, the EC's virtual vigil was immediately visible, as well as the district administration's control rooms, internet broadcasting was provided.

Tirkeys' daughter, Shilpi Neha Tirkey, was introduced to the Congress.