The two-day gender diversity film festival at RU has come to a conclusion.

Two-day film festival on gender diversity was held at Ranchi University . Students from across the state attended the screening .

Ranchi, India: The two-day film festival on gender diversity, which was brought to the state by the Centre for Womens Studies in the department of economics, was held at Ranchi University on Saturday in collaboration with Mumbai-based NGO, Men Against Violence & Abuse (MAVA).It was accepted by the United Nations (fame).Students from across the state attended the screening.The learning was enriching, according to Praveen Tudu from Bokaro and Reshma Murmu from Dumka.

The films and their portrayals of the characters were different from those seen in commercial cinema.To reach the masses at the grassroots, MAVA director Harish Sadani said the festival aims to spark a dialogue about gender, homophobia, transphobia, and toxic masculinity.According to him, the intention is also to provide a safe and healthy place for people to come together and talk about their experience.