The winners are Judy and Akaash.

Akaash Ashok Kumar wins state ranking tenpin bowling tournament . Akaash Ashok Kumar beats Girish Gaba 336 in two-game title match .

Bengaluru: Akaash Ashok Kumar, the reigning National champion, won the state ranking tenpin bowling tournament at the Amoeba Bowling Center here late Wednesday evening in a two-game title match that might have gone either way.Girish pulled first blood and took a 13-pin lead after the first game.Akaash was unlucky to get splits in two frames, but the spin bowler suffered a meltdown to let him off the hook.Akaash started the game with a double and rode on Girishs misses.The bespectacled pro simply lacks the grit that he so effectively annihilated R Kishan in the semifinals (405-558).

Despite his failings, Akaash didnt allow the pressure to get to him.Girish, who defeated fellow spin bowler Parvez Ahmed 391-341 in the other semifinal, gave Akaash the trophy with a series of misses in the second.In the womens final, Judy Alban defeated Preemal J. J.He was the one who ran the track.Judy took the first game of the season 169-111 for a 58-pin lead.

Men's Final: Akaash Ashok Kumar bt Girish Gaba 336 (172, 164) -324 (185, 139).Semis: Akaash bt R Kishan 405 (199, 206) -258 (109, 149); Girish bt Parvez Ahmed 391 (200, 191) -341 (166, 175).Round 3 (after 18 games): Akaash (3563 pins, ave: 197.94); 2.Girish (3484, 193.56); Parvez (3452, 191.78); Kishan (3451, 191.72).Families: Final: Judy Alban bt Preemal J 319 (169, 150) -279 (111, 168).

Women: Preemal J (163.67), the highest average in a 12-game block.