Three fisherman are saved as their boat capsizes.

Boat capsized off coast of Muthalapozhi, near Anchuthengu, near Anchuthengu . Trio rescued by coastal police after the accident .

Thiruvananthapuram: On Friday morning, a boat capsized off the coast of Muthalapozhi, near Anchuthengu, and three fishermen on board were rescued by the coastal police.The boat, named Kallyani Mathavu, was returning from the sea after fishing at 11 a.m. when it capsized off in the turbulent sea near the estuary.During the accident, the boat's owner, Vijayan, and crews John and Roshan were on the boat.All are Anchuthengu residents.

A squad of police officers quickly headed out to the accident site and were able to rescue everyone in under a few minutes.When the accident occurred, we were patrolling in the water.We landed on the spot in a minute to save them.According to a coastal police officer, no one was injured in the accident.