Three people are detained after a fake cash ring was found.

Three people were arrested in Warangal city on Thursday . They were arrested in Warangal city, while two others were absconding .

Hanumakonda: Three people were arrested in Warangal city on Thursday, according to Task Force sleuths and Hanamkonda Police, while two others were absconding.False currency with a face value of Rs 7,54,000, original net cash of Rs 1 lakh, black paper bundles, four keypad phones, five smartphones, and one four wheeler were confiscated by police.The absconded suspects were named Shekar and Srikanth, according to task force Additional DCP Vaibhav Raghunath Gaikwad, who said that the Task Force team and Hanamkonda Police searched the Peddammmagadda area and confiscated fake currency notes of 500 (1508) and a total counterfeit currency of Rs 7,54,000.The individuals circulated fake money (paper note currency) with the intention of using them as genuine currency.

During the interrogation, they confessed to the crime.According to the Additional DCP, the accused drove to Warangal in a car a week earlier and met with an Asha worker, Janagam Bhagya Laxmi, and Nallagoni Ravinder Goud, and exchanged Rs 3 lakh in fake currency with Rs 1 lakh in real money.Sorlam Prasad, Bhagya Laxmi, and Ravinder Goud were captured on the spot, but Shekar and Srikanth recovered from the wreckage.At the Hanmakonda police station, a case has been traced.