Timarpur Lake and Wetland Park in Delhi are almost fully restored.

Delhi Jal Board says Timarpur lake and wetland park is about to begin . The city of lakes initiative is being used to revive dying lakes .

NEW DELHI: According to Delhi Jal Board, the rejuvenation of the Timarpur lake and the surrounding wetland park is about to begin.In an effort to keep the depleting groundwater sources at bay, the Delhi government is reviving around 250 waterbodies and 25 major lakes in the capital as part of its City of Lakes initiative.Ankit Srivastava, a member of Delhi Jal Board, said in a tweet on Friday that the restoration project at Timarpur lake is finally nearing completion.The lake and wetland would purify 2.5 crore litres of water.

The idea is to remodel the defunct lake and a natural habitat park around it.The proposal has already yielded tangible results since being approved in 2019.The DJB has approved a technique called engineered ecological treatment of wastewater for the rebirth of such dying oxidation ponds.Water from polluted sources is treated, and this filtered water is pumped into the waterbodies that have been first cleaned.

Exceeding water from beneath the ground will be taken out to improve the city's daily drinking water supply, as it is provided by DJB.According to the city of lakes initiative, different strategies are being used to bring particular lakes back to life.Some waterbodies would have treated sewage water locally supplied to them, while ponds in dry areas would be resurrected with water from nearby sewage treatment plants.In Rohini, Nilothi, and Burari, among others, such wetlands as Timarpur are also being proposed.

Of this sum, Rs 53.85 crore was earmarked for the rehabilitation of the 32-acre Rohini lake and Rs 23.5 crore for the 25-acre Nilothi lake.