Tipplers are out of luck when stores run out of supply.

Jharkhand introduced a new excise scheme in May 2013, but has not been able to regulate liquor sales . Authorities claim the new program is designed to regulate the trade and increase the states revenues .

Ranchi: The state excise department hasn't been able to regulate liquor sales for almost a year after introducing a new excise scheme in Jharkhand, such as a 34-year-old Ranchi banker wanted to unwind with his colleagues at his house over bottles of beer after a long day of work, but then had to modify his plans at the last minute when he could not find stocks in the retail stores, thus leaving the tipplers high The store had run out of supplies by the time he withdraws cash and arrives to buy the liquor, according to a staff member at a retail outlet in Morhabadi who told her that they were forced to close shutters two days earlier due to the stock shortage.We don't get regular supplies of whiskey and beer from the depot, so we had to close the shop.The businessman explained that we will reopen as soon as we have fresh supplies.There was just a small number of beer of a particular brand in one shop adjacent to it, but none were chilled.

The government introduced the new excise system on May 1 in Jharkhand, in which the entire liquor business, including wholesale, stocking, supply, and retail operation, has been taken over.Private retailers were involved in the earlier scheme.Authorities claim that the new program, which is being chastised by retailers and opponents ahead of its adoption, is designed to regulate the trade and increase the state's revenues.According to government officials, a total of 1,564 liquor store outlets, including 160 in Ranchi, have been approved to operate across the state.

Around 145 shops have opened in Ranchi, according to Jharkhand State Beverage Corporation Limited (JSBCL), so far, while 1,460 are planned elsewhere in the state.According to JSBCL's managing director Ameet Kumar, the number of shops will increase gradually as they are granting licenses to the interested retailers.Kumar said that every new setup takes some time to perfect, and that as far as stock is concerned, there is a shortage of certain brands of liquor, which will be addressed soon.