To build the Seethanadi-Brahmavara road, 1,320 trees may be cut down.

A public hearing will be held at the Hebri range forest office at 3 p.m. on September 29 .

Udupi: The expansion of the Seethanadi-Brahmavar highway is expected to take up to 1,320 trees, according to Udupi.On September 29, a public hearing will be held at the Hebri range forest office at 3 p.m.The forest department has enumerated 579 trees in Cherkadi gram panchayat and 741 trees in Karje panchayat, according to a source.A PWD official said that the cutting of these trees would lead to the construction of a 5.5 km stretch in Cherkady in 2020-21.

At an estimated cost of Rs 22.5 crore, a 5.5-kilometer stretch of the route up to Kelakarje will now be converted into a four-lane highway.The project is expected to be completed in a year, and the work, which includes jungle clearing and utility shifting, will be completed.Ashish Reddy, the Kundapur DCF, said that the enumeration of trees has been done for the road work.We will examine the public's opinion, and a new decision will be made, he said.

We would certainly oppose the scheme as advocates, but in the same time, we are learning that no attempts are being made to protect the trees, according to general secretary Shashidhar Shetty of the National Environment Care Federation (NECF).There is no attempt to save trees.Why isnt the forest department rejecting the plan outright?Why isnt he asking for a spot inspection with the conservationists?

He said that trees are being marked for cutting improperly.We suspect a timber mafia is behind it.The forest department has maintained that the PWD will pay Rs 3 lakh per km for each mile, but can this offset the decreasing green cover he questioned?Greens also said that the forest department consistently ensures that at least ten trees are planted for each tree chopped.

According to a campaigner, more than 1,000 trees had already been cut off from the construction of a 7.5-kilometer stretch.