To go to the Commonwealth Games 2022 final, the Indian men's hockey team defeated South Africa 3-2.

India advance to the Commonwealth Games 2022 with a 3-2 victory over South Africa . Abhishek, Mandeep Singh, and Jugraj Singh scored for India .

Birmingham, United Kingdom, August 7: In the semi-final match in Birmingham on Saturday, India's mens hockey team advanced to the Commonwealth Games 2022 with a 3-2 victory over South Africa.Abhishek (20), Mandeep Singh (28), and Jugraj Singh (58) scored for the country.South Africa scored goals thanks to Ryan Julius (33) and Mustapha Cassiem (59).India secured a place in the Final with the win and will compete for the Gold Medal on Monday.India started the match deep inside South Africas half, when Lalit Kumar Upadhyay broke into the circle to challenge the opposition's defense.

After Akashdeep Singh tore into the circle and created some great opportunities, Proteas goalkeeper Gowan Jones made two saves to deny India.Harmanpreet Singh was denied by Jones after he struck a strong drag-flick on target from a Penalty Corner, and neither of the two teams scored a goal in the first quarter.India continued to make risky runs inside the striking circle, particularly in the left flanks, posing problems.After South Africa won back-to-back Penalty Corners, goalkeeper Krishan B Pathak saved the game.

Vivek Sagar Prasad made a penetrating pass through the circle just minutes later.However, Gowan Jones saved his shot on target once more.As India started halftime with a 2-0 lead, Mandeep Singh fired the ball into the nets past the South African goalkeeper, who was late in the incident.India opened the second half by taking an early Penalty Corner and immediately placing pressure on the South African defence.

Gowan Jones saved Abhisheks from shooting towards the far post just minutes later.In a Penalty Corner, the South African goalkeeper made a save.Jarmanpreet Singh fired a shot on target.India showed urgency to stretch their lead with 15 minutes remaining, as Jarmanpreet Singh created a dangerous challenge from the left flank, but the ball just fell wide.

Jugraj Singh scored another goal for India in a penalty corner, but Mustapha Cassiem added a goal for South Africa with a minute left.India was able to hold their composure in the final seconds and beat Italy 3-2 to advance to the Final.On August 8, India will meet in the Finale.