To increase exports, the government will introduce the Niryaat Saarthi app.

Uttar Pradesh government to introduce Niryaat Saarthi App to strengthen export facilitation system . Exports from Uttar Pradesh have almost doubled in last five years .

Lucknow, Nov. 1, 2015: To strengthen the export facilitation system, the state government will soon introduce the Niryaat Saarthi App.According to a spokesperson, the app will be a one-stop shop for all export information.Export is a strong pillar of the economy.The Niryaat Saarthi app will be a one-click solution for obtaining all information related to exporting products.

According to a spokesperson for the Yogi government, all export-related schemes will be simplified to benefit exporters in the state.According to a spokesperson, exports from Uttar Pradesh have almost doubled in the last five years, from Rs 88,967 crore in 2017-18 to more than Rs.88,967 crore in 2017.In 2021-22, 1.50 lakh crore will be invested in renewable energy.