Tolly celebrities are in high demand as puja ambassadors for #DurgaPuja2022.

Celebrities help raise funds for a variety of social issues . Puja committees have decided to bring celebrity ambassadors in to lure crowds back to pandals .

Kolkata is well-armed this year to host Durga Puja in all its glory, which is also the scene of a pandemic.And a few Puja committees have decided to bring celebrity ambassadors in to lure the crowds back to pandals.The purpose of their Pujas is not to just promote them, but to also spread word about a variety of cultural topics on which their themes are based.Roping in a celebrity is a costly affair, but it is nothing compared to their popularity, according to a member of the New Town Sarbojonin Durgotsab Committee.

Kolkatas Durga Puja is known for curating themed pandals with meaningful social messages.And this year, too, there's so much on the anvil.We should raise more money about Quit Smoking this year, said Rajib Chowdhuri, a member of the Dakshinpara Sarbojonin Durgotsob Committee, who has recruited two actors Monami Ghosh and Ritabhari Chakraborty to use their celebrity to spread the word about the topic.Monami told us about the role of the pandal and that I am very excited about it as it comes after more than two years of being celebrating Puja on this magnitude.

I am delighted to be the face of the pujo, and I think they have developed a great theme, according to Ritabhari.We all learned how harmful smoking can be, and many people were killed by the virus as a result of a weak lungs during the epidemic.I hope that with Ma Durgas' blessings, we can cope with all adversities.On the other hand, Anusha Viswanathan is the face of the Baghajatin Tarun Sangha this year.

Last year, I stayed on the pandal almost every day, and I'd never heard pujo from such close quarters before.It was a beautiful trip, and I was honored to be the company's face this year.Their subject is also thought provoking.Rituparna Sengupta has revealed that she is in talks with a well-known north Kolkata Puja to become its brand ambassador.

Im sure that, as in the previous four years, I am the brand ambassador of DN Nagar Durgautsav in Mumbai this year, she said.Celebs attract more sponsors and footfall to the committees, so adding a celebrity to the roster will result in a rise in sponsorships and increased footfall.According to Tatagatha Ghosh, the theme artist of Baghajatin Tarun Sangha, having a celebrity face is critical in getting more sponsors, which results in a higher budget and grander Puja.The Pujas theme revolves around the plastic prohibition.

City Pujas haven't announced a celebrity ambassador this year.Sarbojanin Durgotsab, a musician from Bose Street, is the last celebrity ambassador to grace the streets.Since the north Kolkata Puja has a record attendance and did not want to promote stampede-like conditions in the pandal Md Ali Park Puja, the organisers told us that they had decided to avoid getting celebrity ambassadors on board.Sundas Jawed reportedly wore a jacket on the pandemic.