Tourists spend the night in ruins after car falls 300 metres.

Four tourists from Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, and UP were killed and three friends critically wounded . The SUV they were driving plunged into a 300-meter-deep gorge near Ghiyagi village .

Manali: On Sunday night, four tourists from Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, and UP were killed and three of their friends were critically wounded when the SUV they were driving in plunged into a 300-meter-deep gorge near Ghiyagi village, near the 10,500-foot Jalori Pass in Himachal Pradesh's Kullu district.When the crash occurred at 8 p.m., the tourists were stuck in the wreckage all night, nobody noticed them in the secluded area amid the dense forest, according to police.The driver lost control of the car and rolled 300 meters down the mountainside, according to police.As the vehicle was driving, an occupant named Kumari Astha fell out of it and became trapped in the shrubs with minor scratches.

However, a local woman heard her screams in the morning and police were alerted of the crash at 9.15am, about 13 hours after the accident.With the support of locals, a police squad arrived on the scene and launched a rescue mission.They found four people dead and three wounded, including a woman.The wounded were rushed to Kullu's regional hospital for care.

The tourists were returning from Jalori Pass towards Ghiyagi at 8 p.m. on Sunday, according to Suldeep Chandra, the additional superintendent of police.Despite the screams, no one else heard the victims as the area is remote, has a dense greenery, and it was dark.The postmortem will be carried out on Tuesday when the family members of the victims arrive in Kullu, according to Mishwas Sardana (26) of Haryana, Harshiv Sahgal (28), of Delhi, Saloni (27) of Uttar Pradesh, and Vinayak Pandey of Zirakpur, Punjab, were among the deceased.According to police, Kumari Astha (26) of Delhi, Sakshi of UP, and Vivek survived the accident.

The area is especially vulnerable to accidents.At night, few cars pass on the route.The seriously wounded were unable to get prompt medical attention as rescue teams reached the victims 13 hours after the accident.