Tovino Thomas on Adrishya Jalakangal: Corruption in systems and a desire for power frequently lead to conflict.

Tovino Thomas will star alongside Nimisha Sajayan in an upcoming film . Dr.

Tovino Thomas will star alongside Nimisha Sajayan in an upcoming film.Dr. Biju Kumar Damodaran, an award-winning director, has directed the film and it is billed as an anti-war drama.Today (August 18), the film opened on floors, and Tovino Thomas expressed his excitement about the project's debut.For the team and theme of Adrishya Jalakangal, the actor expressed his pleasure to be a part of it.

According to him, the film illustrates how war can have disastrous consequences for people who had no involvement to play in it at the start.War is often the result of corrupt systems and a lust for power, and Tovino Thomas said that innocent people are often trapped in the crossfire and that is a sad reality for others.View this article on Instagram.Ellanar Films (@ellanarfilms) Directed by Dr. Biju Kumar Damodaran, Adrishya Jalakangal's film is believed to be an unashamed portrayal of war and its consequences.

On the film side, Adrishya Jalakangal has hired Yedhu Radhakrishnan as cinematographer.Davis Manuel is both the producer and associate producer of the film.Dileep Daz is in charge of the production process.Pramod Thomas is responsible for the sound mixing and sound production, as well as Ajayan Adat, and Subramanyam K Vaidyalingam for the sound design.