Trailer for Vetri-Karunakarans Jiivi 2

Jiivi 2 by VJ Gopinath is a sequel to the 2019 crime drama . The film is set to be released on a popular OTT platform .

Jiivi 2 by VJ Gopinath, a sequel to the 2019 crime drama, is due to be released soon on a popular OTT platform.Suresh Kamatchis, the film's creators, have posted a preview of the film, which features Vetri and Karunakaran as the lead characters, as well as Mime Gopi and Rohini as the main antagonists.Director and actor SJ Suryah gave the film's trailer to the public on his social media account.The nearly two-minute trailer features glimpses of the film, which is set to be a horror, and SJ Suryah has also hinted at a time-loop aspect of the film.

Although Babu Tamizh wrote the script for the first part, Gopinath himself wrote the script for this film.