Transgender individuals will discuss how pandemics and climate change have impacted their life.

Climate change is a LGBTQIA+ issue, says Kalki Subramaniam . Transgender community is most economically marginalized group in the LGBTQIA+ spectrum .

To earn a living, many transgender people must resort to beg and sex work.However, transwoman Karthika was determined to live a life of honor.So she opened a tiny tea shop in Korukkupet.She waited for the Chennai floods of 2015, which washed away her stall and along with it her hopes.

I wanted to broaden my career.I am now forced to resort to begging and giving blessings to others to support myself, she says.While people may blame the floods for what happened, she wants to draw attention to the bigger issues that have caused world environmental problems, such as climate change.At a panel discussion held at Ardhra Hall, Coimbatore, on September 24, Karthika and a few others from the transgender community will discuss their experiences.

Climate change is a LGBTQIA+ issue.According to Kalki Subramaniam, founder of the Sahodari Foundation, who will also be speaking at the gathering, environmental and climate injustice affects our community, particularly the transgender community, who are the most economically marginalized group in the entire LGBTQIA+ spectrum.Most transgender people are already battling poverty, and because they are poor, they are also vulnerable to environmental pollution.Kalki hopes to not only raise concerns within the community, but also encourage policymakers to include transgender rights in their policies.

Sowndharya Gopi, an activist and musician, and artist Prema Natarajan are among the other panelists.During the Chennai floods, Sowndharya volunteered and cooked for more than 300 people, and Kalki says she will be speaking about her experience.Prema will discuss how the pandemic harmed her ability to cook and beg to earn a living, and why she was unable to do both.To survive, she had to rely on the free food provided by NGOs.