TTD's Sravanam project is being investigated by CID.

CID cops questioned the Sankar Foundation over alleged misconduct in the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam project . The Sankar Foundation Trust, K Manimala, announced that the project had been abandoned a few years ago .

VISAKHAPATNAM: Cops from the Crime Investigation Department (CID) questioned the Sankar Foundation's alleged misconduct in the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam project.The Sankar Foundation staff was asked to provide the required papers by the CID cops.According to reports, CID inspector P Naidu sent a letter to the Sankar Foundation seeking information and records relating to the Sravanam initiative, which is designed to assist the need of the differently-abled (deaf and dumb) children in enhancing their skills and integrating them with normal children.CID cops received notices from the Sankar Foundation six days ago, and they would contact TTD EO about the suspected corruption at Sravanam Sub-Center in Visakhapatnam, which has been operated by the Sankar foundation for almost ten years in Guntur and Mahaboob Nagar districts since 2012.

The total amount has been paid to the Sankar Foundation by the TTD.CID has sent a notice for records relating to the Sravanam center.For further inquiries, we have submitted records to CID.According to her, there was no mismanagement.