Two Bowbazar structures will be demolished; IIT experts will assist.

Two of the 14 buildings in Bowbazar that cracked during the East-West Metro construction work will be demolished . Water leakage from inside the shaft caused vertical and horizontal cracks in the buildings .

KOLKATA, December 1: Two of the 14 buildings in Bowbazar that had cracked during the East-West Metro construction work earlier this week will be demolished, and a third one is under scrutiny, according to reports from Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC).STUP Consultants Pvt Ltd. surveyed the wobbly structures on Bowbazars Durga Pithuri Lane in the last two days, exposing cracks in many houses.The conditions of 16, Durga Pithuri Lane and 161, Durga Pithuri Lane were found to be precarious.A third building, located at 19, Durga Pithuri Lane, is also vulnerable.

According to STUPs, settlements in the area where the two buildings are located have done a lot of harm.The condition of a third building is dismal, but it is not an accident, according to an engineer.ITD submitted STUP's findings to KMRC, which in turn contacted the developers, KMC's facilities department, and the local KMC councillor to assess them.On Sunday morning, the owners will arrive to pick up their belongings.

According to the engineer, the buildings are extremely dangerous and could hurt people who are standing around them.Metro Railway general manager Arun Arora met with KMRC officials on Saturday and suggested that IIT-Roorkee be consulted for a roadmap to complete the East-West Metros Esplanade-Sealdah section, particularly in the cave-in zone.KMRC will rely on the recommendations of the KMC expert committee made up of JU professors for the buildings, Arora said.Residents who had been stranded in hotels will be able to return, according to the organization's advice.

TBM Chundi struck an aquifer on August 31, 2019, resulting in massive subsidence and building collapses in Bowbazar.TBM Urvi completed the tunneling process.After stripping off the poured concrete to discourage the recent water intrusion, the two TBM tunnels will be welded inside the shaft.According to a KMRC official, international technocrats of General Consultants, the East-West Metro consortium, will first assess ITDs scheme.