UN denounces attack in Kabul's Shia neighbourhood

UNAMA condemns attack on Hazara market in Kabul, a Shia-majority city . Eight people killed and 18 injured in attack .

Kabul, August 6: The United Nations mission in Afghanistan has condemned the attack on Friday in Kabul, a Shia-majority city, that killed eight people and injured 18 others during a Shia mourning gathering on Friday.UNAMA condemned yesterday's assault in Kabul, which claimed dozens of lives.Authorities must avoid such deliberate attacks, conduct a thorough and transparent probe, and even lift the lid on the Holocaust.According to reports, ISIS has assumed responsibility for the bombing in Kabul, and UNAMA sent condolences to families of those killed and a prompt recovery for the wounded, according to a Taliban spokesperson.For many years, the Shia population has been subjected to persecution in Afghanistan.

Another horrific attack on civilians in the densely packed Hazara market.ISIS claims Kabul as a continuing series of crimes.My sincere condolences to the victims.All Afghans must be protected by the Taliban.

In Afghanistan, religious minorities, including the Sikh community, have been the target of violence.