Unexpected power outages enrage the metropolis.

Chandigarh residents are enraged by frequent and unscheduled power cuts . The ground infrastructure is weakening, says Chandigarh electricity department .

Chandigarh: Residents living a debilitating heatwave are enraged by frequent and unscheduled power cuts ranging from 2 to 4 hours in zones, colonies, and villages.The UT administration forecasts that peak power demand will exceed 500 megawatts (MW).The ground infrastructure is weakening.And with population expected to increase at a high rate, the electricity department is having trouble providing uninterrupted electricity supply.

Gurpreet Singh of Sector 45 said that there are unscheduled power cuts in their area from last week.According to sources, the main reason behind the crisis should be a detailed power cut schedule prepared by the user, Sunder Singh, a resident of Khuda Ali Sher.Consumers make a connection first, but they continue to do more work as time passes and they ignore their load.It affects our infrastructure, resulting in failures.

According to a spokesman, they must disclose their real consumption to the department.