Unfilled seats in Kolkata may not be resolved through centralised admission.

Students applying to another college or university after obtaining admission in one institution has been removed . Many autonomous varsities begin their admission after other colleges and publish merit lists later .

KOLKATA (KoLKATA): The problem of vacant UG seats could resurface this year if students applying to another college or university after obtaining admission in one institution has been removed because a lot of colleges and varsities have been left out of the scope of the centralized admission system, according to Kolkata's chiefs.Several autonomous colleges, autonomous colleges, and minority colleges, including Jadavpur University, St Xaviers College, and Ramakrishna Mission Colleges have been granted permission to perform their own admissions, while the majority of other government-aided colleges will follow a centralised admission scheme that will begin in 2022-23 session.View of the Times It's now up to students to act a little more ethically.There is a lot at stake, but failing to attend a good college is often regarded as a big defeat.

As a result, many students who have already been accepted admission to a particular college move to other institutions if they make it to the merit list, leaving their seats vacant in colleges they already accepted admission to.For the past few years, colleges and universities, particularly the top ones, have been dealing with the issue of seats in UG courses remaining vacant after students move to another college or university.However, by this point, the admissions process has ended, so they cannot fill up seats even if applicants have been waiting for the interview.Even if the admissions window is open, it can cause a significant delay.

Universities and colleges that are autonomously managed have the right to accept students the way they please.It has a negative effect on colleges like us, according to the principal.Applicants will have to submit their application once through a registration portal, which will be developed by the education department, under the centralised model.The primary aim is to create order, eliminate union involvement, and make sure that all seats at the UG level are filled up.