UP: A 17-year-old boy's headless body was discovered in Deoria

17-year-old boy's headless body found in Lar area of district . Police say he left his house on a motorcycle on Thursday evening .

DEORIA (Declaration of Origin): According to police, the headless body of a 17-year-old boy was discovered in the Lar area of the district on Friday.According to police superintendent Sankalp Sharma, the deceased has been identified as Rahman.His fingers and toes were also cut off, according to the doctor.Rahman left his house on a motorcycle on Thursday evening.

According to investigators, his cell phone was also off.Some people saw a headless body on the Sutavar-Chaumukha highway, which is about 3 kilometers from Lar, and alerted the police.Rahman was identified by people from Lar after seeing the body's picture on social media.According to investigators, his motorcycle was discovered in the Mayil police station district, about 15 kilometers from his home.