UP: A teen girl who had been held illegally in a police barrack for five days committed suicide.

Child was not in police custody, police claim, because she was housed in a womans barrack in the police station complex for her safety . Child was staying at the barrack because her father wanted her to be kept at the police station .

AGRA: On May 10, a 19-year-old girl killed herself after police in Aligarh claimed to have rescued her from kidnappers but were held for five days in the Vijaygarh thana.The child was technically not in police custody, according to cops, because she was housed in a woman's barrack in the police station complex for her safety.According to Aligarh-based criminal lawyer Hariom Varshney, no one can be held in police detention for more than 24 hours, and holding the child for five days in a police barrack was illegal.Madhuvan Dutt Chaturvedi, a second advocate, said the child should have been sent to a shelter home without delay.

Women who are taken by police in kidnapping, domestic abuse, and sexual harassment situations are supposed to be housed there.The child was never sent to an OSC, but instead was housed with a female constable in a barrack where she killed herself.At present, five women are incarcerated at the local OSC, according to district probation officer Smita Singh.In addition to police assistance, the clinic also provides medical, legal, and psychological assistance.

In this regard, an inquiry has already been launched.According to Deepak Kumar, DIG of the Aligarh range, action will be taken on the basis of a study.Kumar claimed that he had explored the OSC but found contradictions.It would be submitted to the ADG (Agra range), according to he.

He brought another lawsuit against one of the defendants later that day, after hearing that she had jumped from the police barracks terrace, claiming that his daughter tried to kill herself as she was threatened by him.According to police, the child was staying at the barrack because her father wanted her to be kept at the police station.She was rescued on May 5 but refused to undergo a medical examination, according to the police.Since her father had mentioned her age in the police complaint, a medical officer recommended a age test, which was completed on May 6.

According to the survey, her age was 19 years old.The magistrate's hearing began the next day with her statement.