UP government updates for engineering and technical programmes at private institutions

The fee for engineering courses in a private college ranges from Rs 45,000 to Rs 1.65 lakh . The fee for engineering courses in a private college ranges from Rs 45,000 to Rs 1.65 lakh .

Lucknow: The tuition fee charged by private engineering and technical colleges in UP is expected to increase in the country in 2022-23, with the technical education department releasing a new fee structure for private institutions offering degree and diploma in technical courses in UP.The standard tuition fee for undergraduate engineering courses in private colleges offering a degree is Rs 55,000, while those offering a diploma in engineering is Rs 30,150.This isn't a set price on the tuition fee to be paid by the universities, according to the technical education department's admission and fee regulatory commission (AFRC).You have successfully cast your voteLogin to view result.

In the United States, there are more than 750 public colleges offering technical training.Institutes that disagree with the revised fee slab have been encouraged to submit a justifiable proposal with their expenditure details, according to AFRC secretary Rajesh Chandra.According to Chandra, the commission will determine the fee of such institutions following their evaluation.Institutions that accept the updated fee slab will also have to forward their consent letters to the department.

Officials said the update was necessary considering the fact that no fee was added for the last two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.In 2017-18, the last fee increase was made.Both schools and parents are in jeopardy.According to a source, we've passed a crisis point and are attempting to prevent it from happening again.

With admissions declining year after year, technical colleges are having trouble filling slots.According to a senior technical education faculty, the numbers would increase dramatically with the increase after the fee was revised.Pvt Degree Institutes | 55,000 | 30,150 BPharma | 63,300 | BArch | 57,730 MBA | 59,700 MCA | 55,000 MTech | 57,500 MPharma | 68,750 All BVoc programmes | 26,900 2.Pvt Diploma Institutes | Courses | Pvt Diploma Institutes | 30-150 DPharma | 45,000 DArch | 30,250 DPharma | 22,500 hrs | All one and two year programmes except DPharma.