Urban Naxals halted construction of the Sardar Sarovar Dam, citing a threat to the environment and receiving political favours: Prime Minister Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the construction of the Sardar Sarovar Dam in Gujarat was delayed for years by urban Naxals and anti-development organizations . The Prime Minister said that the quality of life of people cannot be improved without the development of new infrastructure .

New Delhi, India, September 23: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the construction of the Sardar Sarovar Dam in Gujarat was delayed for years by urban Naxals and anti-development organizations, and that the quality of life of people cannot be improved without the development of new infrastructure, which he said was made possible by videoconferencing.The Prime Minister acknowledged the role of urban Naxals in hindering India's growth by taking crores of rupees from various international organizations and foundations, but that when urban Naxals came to the fore and some others outside the country joined them, a lot of lobbying was launched to condemn the environment, which was stopped repeatedly.During my tenure, Nehruji's work was completed.How much money was wasted in the country Today, the same Ekta Nagar is a nature pilgrimage site.

These urban Naxals aren't afraid of being heard today, they are playing their games.They were caught, but they were unable to accept them, and they now enjoy the political favor of a few, according to the Prime Minister.The Prime Minister also outlined the reasons for which the World Bank had declined to lend a loan to raise the dam's height.It took some time to stop these ruses, but Gujarat's people came out victorious.

He also encouraged people to stay alert from such groups of urban Naxals in their respective states, according to the Prime Minister.Some international organizations, some foundations, catch such topics and create a storm, where these urban Naxals take up them and create roadblocks.The states should make every possible effort to execute every correct proposal as soon as possible.You can see how plans worth thousands of crores of rupees could be halted as a result of this shortfall, he said.The Prime Minister also stressed the need to make a change in the work environment so that the pendency is ended and clearance is expedited.We take care of the regulations and give priority to the welfare of the people of the region, according to the Prime Minister.

We should strive to ensure that no barrier is allowed to be created in the quest of Ease of Living and Ease of Doing Business by changing the name of the environment unnecessarily.The Prime Minister referred to the holistic development of Ekta Nagar, which he said is a prime example of an environmental pilgrimage when it comes to forests, water conservation, tourism, and our tribal brothers and sisters.The Prime Minister emphasized that India is not only making strides in the area of renewable energy but also guiding other nations in the region.Our forest cover has increased, and wetlands are also expanding rapidly, he said.The Prime Minister said that due to India's track record of fulfilling its obligations, the world is joining it.Lions, tigers, elephants, one-horned rhinos, and leopards have increased in numbers over the years.

I am certain that nature will be prospered when the vision of the environment ministries changes.While emphasising that this work does not just take place in the Information Department or the Education Department, Prime Minister Modi said that experience-based learning has also been emphasised in the country's National Education Strategy.The Prime Minister said that we must make our children, and future generations, aware of the environment.Following Jai Anusandhan's mantra, universities and laboratories should give top priority to innovations related to environmental protection.

PM Modi said that study and analysis of the current state of forests in the forest are also crucial.The Prime Minister recalled that although India's share of global emissions could be negligible due to wildfire, we must be on alert at all times.The Prime Minister gave the example of the Pragati Maidan Tunnel in Delhi, which was dedicated to the nation just a few weeks back to the task of preserving the environment.The chances of Delhiites being stuck in the jam have decreased thanks to this tunnel.

At the time of clearance, we should not overlook this possibility, according to PM Modi.Where environment clearance took more than 600 days eight years ago, it takes 75 days today, the Prime Minister said.He also stressed the importance of using every emerging sector of the economy to help tackle climate change issues.In Ekta Nagar, there is a lot to explore, experience, and do.The head of Gujarat, Bhupendra Patel, and the head of Union, Environment, Forest and Climate Change, were among those present on the occasion.Such a massive statue of Sardar Saheb urged us to keep our unity promise.