US Claims India Misrepresented Russian Fuel's Origin: Reserve Bank Official

US Treasury Department says Indian ship picked up oil from Russian tanker . Refined output was then returned to ship and set sail without destination .

New Delhi: A top Indian central banker said on Saturday that the US Treasury Department told India that an Indian ship picked up oil from a Russian tanker on the high seas and brought it to a port in Gujarat on the west coast, where it was refined and shipped on, citing US sanctions against Moscow.The refined output was then returned to the ship and set sail without a destination.At a function to commemorate 75 years of India's independence, it reached the destination in the mid-seas, so it crossed into New York, according to Michael Patra, the US embassy in New Delhi.Delhi has not joined the Russia sanctions or condemned what Moscow calls a special military operation in its neighbor, Pratra said.Patra said the Russian crude was processed and converted into a distillate used for making single-use plastic.He did not name the Indian vessel or refiner.

It works in strange ways, he said.India, the world's number one oil importer and consumer, has rarely purchased Russian oil in the past.Indian refiners have been sifting through discounted Russian oil since the war, despite being blocked by many Western countries and companies.