US wants to take action against the Myanmar junta and possibly get a UN resolution.

US is putting more pressure on Myanmars junta by the United Nations . US is urging international community not to recognize forthcoming elections .

UNITED NATIONS: A senior official said Thursday that the US is putting more pressure on Myanmar's junta by the United Nations and is urging the international community not to recognize forthcoming elections.According to state department dounselor Derek Chollet, who is leading US diplomacy on Myanmar at the annual United Nations General Assembly, there is widespread agreement that the regime must be put under more pressure.He cited outrage over an air strike in February 2021 that killed 11 schoolchildren and the junta's execution of four prominent prisoners in July, which ended a decade-long democracy experiment.Chollet said he met with other governments and with representatives of the National Unity Government, led by ex-military chief Aung San Suu Kyis, and held a virtual meeting with armed ethnic groups inside the region, which is also known as Burma.

We must be realistic on all levels about how far Russia and China are willing to allow the Council to take action, he said, referring to Myanmar's veto-wielding allies.We think it's important to try, he said.He said he also told other governments that the junta's plans for next August should not have a negative impact on elections.I told them that we have no way of guaranteeing that these elections will be free and fair given that the regime does not control more than half of the country, political prisoners are being detained and killed, and Aung San Suu Kyi is now in isolation, and no one has seen her in 20 months, Chollet said.

Since the coup, the US has imposed a slew of sanctions, including on junta officials.But it has stifled on one action urged by demonstrators, aimed at Myanmar's oil and gas industry, as a result of opposition from Thailand, a neighbor that imports energy from abroad.ASEAN, the Southeast Asian bloc, has failed to find a diplomatic solution to the crisis, although some US allies, including Myanmar's neighbor India, have resisted tough measures.