Users complain as passenger trains become more expensive express services.

South Western Railway has converted eight passenger special trains into express trains . The division has almost doubled fares on many long-distance routes .

Bengaluru: Rail commuters in the state aren't pleased with the conversion of eight passenger trains into express trains with premium fare and a lower speed.On June 1, South Western Railway (SWR) introduced eight passenger special trains into unreserved express trains.The following are the unreserved express trains: 1621316214 Arsikere-Hubballi-Arsikere, 1623916240 Chikkamagaluru-Yeshwantpur-Chikkamagaluru, 1656716568 Tumakuru-Shivamogga Town-Tumakuru, and 1654916550 KSR Bengaluru-Kolar-KSR Bengaluru.Since April 2021, SWR has converted 20 passenger trains into express trains with premium fare.

However, railway officials maintained that the board's unofficial fare change was a tactical decision.On the Bengaluru-Chikkaballapur route, Ramesh Babu V, a regular passenger, said: Only the name has changed from Demu passenger to express.It isn't user-friendly.The fare for 1654916550 KSR Bengaluru-Kolar-KSR Bengaluru has almost doubled.

In the same vein, Srinivaspur to KSR Bengaluru City was Rs 30 and now is Rs 60.The SWR should rewrite the fare.He recommended that daily-wage workers coming to the city from places such as Kolar and Chikkaballapur be the most vulnerable.On Twitter, Hubballi-Dharwad Infra (@HubballiInfra), a charity that monitors development, posted: Trains were converted to unreserved express trains with no disruption in timings.

According to reports, the railways have decided not to run passenger trains beyond 200 kilometers.Express trains running over 200 km will be operated.SWR had earlier renamed passenger trains like 16207 Yeshwantpur-Hassan-Mysuru, and 16211 Yeshwantpur-Salem-Yeshwantpur into express trains, according to some passengers, but there was no improvement in speed.