Uttar Pradesh police officer ordered on extended leave after complaining about mess food

Manoj Kumar was ranting about the food at the Firozabad police station . Video of him ranting about the food went viral on social media .

AGRA: The Uttar Pradesh police constable, who had emphasized the problem of inferior quality food served at the Firozabad police station, has been put on leave for a long time after a video of him ranting about the food and yelling about it went viral on social media.On Friday, the cop, Manoj Kumar, was informed that he has been forcefully drafted on leave and that his career is in jeopardy.He said that senior police officers, in their zeal to paint him mentally disabled and of a bad character, even outlined some of his past conduct against him in the future.Kumar, 26, said that senior officers gave a list of actions taken against me in November 2022.

I have no charges against me.Senior officers also outlined some of my own lawsuits in an attempt to dilute the issue of non-standard food.They want to cover up the situation by defaming me and perpetuating the false impression that I am mentally incorrect.Since the video went viral on social media, he said, I was roughed up and locked in a room.

They even tried to take me to the Institute of Mental Health and Hospital in Agra.After advising me not to speak to the media, I was sent on a seven-day leave.According to the constable, I had not applied for leave and my career is in jeopardy.I can't comment on nascent allegations, according to Firozabad SSP Ashish Tiwari.

A probe into the mystery of food served in the area is ongoing.Constable Kumar had already been disciplined on 15 occasions in the last few years, from being absent to indiscipline and negligence, according to Firozabad police in a tweet on Wednesday.Kumar claimed that days before going public he had called and sent Whatsapp messages to senior officials highlighting the problem of poor-quality food at the police mess.Firozabad SSP released a roster for CO to check the bread quality in the mess after the video went viral.