Vadodara: A patient with excruciating thigh pain has an unusual operation

46-year-old woman had no idea an injection shed taken in her buttock to reduce pain would instead worsen her pain . She had no abnormalities in her spine, according to an MRI scan .

VADODARA: A 46-year-old city woman had no idea that an injection she'd taken in her buttock to reduce pain would instead worsen her pain.Since taking the injection, the female patient began to have painful pain in her thigh and leg.She consulted with several specialists and continued to use her medicine and physiotherapy regimen, thinking it to be a nerve pain.But neither the medication nor the physiotherapy were giving her any relief.

It did not turn out to be any blood clots in her sciatic nerve.Her symptoms were medically related to pyriformis disease, which occurs when the pyriformis muscle located in the buttock area causes buttock pain, according to Dr Sumit Kapadia, a vascular and endovascular surgeon at Aadicura Hospital.An aneurysm of the gluteal artery (ballooning of a blood vessel) was discovered to be the origin of sciatic nerve compression by CT angiography.According to him, this was presumably linked to an injection she was given earlier.

Her symptoms improved in a few days, according to Kapadia.Kapadia is the treasurer of the Vascular Society of India, which will mark August 6 as National Vascular Day.