Valuebound supports the digital transformation of pharma and healthcare.

Valuebound has signed up to be a client list . The company has partnered with leading pharmaceutical, life sciences, and healthcare firms .

Valuebound, a digital experience company headquartered in Bangalore (Karnataka), announced today that it extended its digital transformation capabilities by partnering with leading pharmaceutical, life sciences, and healthcare firms in the last few years, from drug design, patient care, to marketing the products.Valuebound has signed up to be a client list.Clarivate, a global analytics company, serves the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries through its healthcare business insights and Medtech Intelligence divisions.Clarivate has chosen Valuebound Consulting to support their product information management (PIM) and digital asset management (DAM) solutions.Eversana, a leading global commercial services provider for the life sciences industry, engaged Valuebound to create a collaborative content management platform for interactivity, multi-format, multi-device report development.The platforms are integrated with other analytical and reporting programs such as tableau and allow for custom template development in various formats, enabling end users to seamlessly communicate with each other while simultaneously contributing to the content creation process with complete control.Valuebound provided agile project management, dynamic application design, and extreme project management for the creation of the solutions.

The platform was a commercially viable option that is being used by users around the world right now.Valuebound's Chief Technology Officer, Priyaush Sharma, said, The accumulation of information in a multitude of repositories throughout the organization causes data, applications, workflows, and infrastructure in the stages of drug discovery, testing, and ultimately commercialization.This induction has a negative effect because it raises costs, decreases innovation, and reduces the organization's ability to adapt.We follow an iterative and incremental project management strategy for larger projects with changing requirements.

With the assistance of consulting, design, and implementation services, the security requirements and validation that accompany such processes are made possible.Pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry: The most recent and promising technologies are: improving patient and physician decision-making processes, enabling personalized patient engagement, and managing secure cloud platforms.Valuebound is teaming up with the top pharma companies to create user experience solutions that bring technology and people together.React, React Native, NodeJS, Drupal, MYSQL database, Redux, MongoDB, and third-party integrations are included in this project.

Valuebound helps companies to achieve competitive advantage by focusing on modernization, creativity, user experience, and speed-to-market.PRNewswire has not accepted responsibility for this article.(PRNewswire