Varsha Raut, the wife of Sanjay Raut, arrives at the Mumbai ED office in the Patra Chawl land scam case.

Sanjay Raut was arrested in the early hours of Monday morning . He was taken to a special sessions court by the Enforcement Directorate .

Mumbai (Maharashtra) (India) : Sanjay Raut's wife was summoned by the Enforcement Directorate in Mumbai on Saturday after police searched the Shiv Sena leaders home on Sunday and arrested him (Sanjay Raut) in the early hours on Monday and delivered him to a special sessions court, which ordered him to be in the ED custody until Thursday, according to Sanjay Raut's brother.He is being arrested by the BJP, which is afraid of him.There haven't been any papers to support his detention.He has been sentenced to death.In Mumbai, a separate FIR was lodged against Sanjay Raut, the wife of Sujit Patkar, who is said to be a close aide to the Shiv Sena MP.

According to reports, ED officials confiscated Rs 11.50 lakhs in unaccounted cash from Raut's house during the raids, according to an audio clip that went viral.Swapna Patkar is also a witness in the Patra Chawl land lawsuit.Raut told media that ED officers detained him in connection with the Patra Chawl land scam case soon after, and that he would not be cowed down.All of this is being done to tarnish Shiv Sena and Maharashtra.

I will not leave the house.Sanjay Raut was summoned by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in April this year in connection with the prosecution of the money laundering case involving the Rs 1,034 crore Patra Chawl land scam in Mumbai.Raut is being prosecuted in connection with the re-development of Mumbai's Patra Chawl, including eight land parcels near Alibag jointly owned by the latter and Swapna Patkar.