Vejalpur Society in Ahmedabad receives approval from the HC for development

Ahmedabad high court allows redevelopment of housing association . Housing association situated in dilapidated 52-year-old buildings in Vejalpur district .

AHMEDABAD: Since more than 75% of flat owners consented to redevelopment, the Gujarat high court has allowed the redevelopment of a housing association situated in dilapidated 52-year-old buildings in Vejalpur district, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has granted development approval for new construction.Justice Sangeeta Vishen directed Swami Vivekanandnagar Cooperative Housing Society to undertake demolition of existing 11 blocks and the construction of new buildings for 78 flat owners, out of whom 74 (93.5%) voted for redevelopment.The court denied the demands raised by four flat owners and directed the authorities: If there is any irregularity in the process, the appropriate authority will take action.In the absence of a conflict with the general body's decision, as well as the development permission, the private respondents' argument (four households opposing redevelopment) would be pointless.

The building was completed in 1969, and AMC sent a notice in 2018 to fix it.The society decided to go for redevelopment in 2019 and signed an agreement with Excel Life Space LLP.The issue was addressed to the HC after the law was amended, with the exception of four members who did not appear to have expressed an interest in the proposal, which included the provision that 75 percent of members consent for the renovation.The HC recommended that AMC consider the society's proposal for redevelopment.