VisvesvarayaBhavan's four floors will reopen next week.

Government offices on first four floors of Visvesvaraya Bhavan expected to reopen next week . Survey finds first four floors of building safe to resume office work .

Patna: Government offices on the first four floors of the fire-plagued Visvesvaraya Bhavan on Bailey Road are expected to reopen next week after a three-member committee of the civil and environment engineering department of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Patna.The team led by Vaibhav Singhal, the head of the department of civil and environmental engineering at IIT-Patna, inspected the first four floors of the building and presented the findings to the top officials on instructions from the building construction department (BCD).According to the survey, the first four floors were safe to resume office work.Kumar Ravi, the BCD's secretary, said there was no problem with the first four floors, and that they will be opened after cleaning.The building is in good shape both structurally and physically.

Wires will be properly checked.The offices on these four floors are supposed to reopen next week, according to him.As far as the fifth and sixth floors are concerned, the IIT-Patna-led expert committee will revisit the building to look at the situation.After removing rubble, the floors will be cleared, according to Ravi.

RWD has been moved to a new building (Block 1) on the Old Secretariat premises near Eco Park.BCD will be operated from Niyojan Bhawan, he said.