Voting has concluded in the race for vice president, and counting has begun.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi casts vote in the election of Indias next Vice President . The counting of votes is now underway .

On Saturday, the election of India's next Vice President was scheduled, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi being the first to cast his vote in the Parliament House.The counting of votes is now underway.Prime Minister Modi tweeted after voting in the 2022 Vice President election.Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stepped into a wheelchair.

Live updates from the Vice President's election: *The counting of votes begins at 6 p.m. on August 11, and opposition candidates Jagdeep Dhankhar (81), the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), and JP Nadda, the Union Minister of Science and Technology (YSRCP), and Shiv Sena, the BJP's Leader of House in Rajya Sabha, also showed up early.* The Vice President's term is set to expire on August 11.* M Venkaiah Naidu is expected to succeed him, who will serve as Speaker on August 10th.*In the vice presidential election, the two Houses of Parliament have a sanctioned population of 788 members, of which eight are in the Upper House.