Warning against additional killings from Asean's special envoy to Myanmar

Myanmar's military leaders have failed to implement a five-point agreement to restore stability . Cambodia is the new chairman of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations .

PHNOM PENH: Myanmars neighbours' attempts to help restore stability and order to the troubled Southeast Asian nation were hindered by the country's recent executions of four political activists, according to Cambodia's foreign minister.Prak Sokhonn, who serves as the special envoy to Myanmar for the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations, cautioned that further executions would force the regional organization to rethink its relations with other member Myanmar.Since Myanmar is refusing to invite members of its ruling military government to Asean sessions due to its failure to work with a resolution reached last year to work towards restoring stability, Cambodia is the new chairman of the regional association.Myanmar's military leaders initially agreed to the proposal, a five-point agreement, but have since made no effort to implement it.

After a week-long meeting of Asean foreign ministers in Cambodia, Prak Sokhonn spoke at a press conference.The meetings' final communique, released on Friday, contained a section criticizing Myanmar for its insufficient progress in ending conflict there, although with a less detailed form than many nations had hoped for.On Saturday, he referred to the executions of Myanmar dissidents as a setback to his mediation efforts and said the nine ASEAN members, aside from Myanmar, have agreed to see how things would progress in the coming weeks and months.If more executions are ordered, things will have to be changed, according to him, suggesting that ASEAN is prepared to downgrade its relations with Myanmar's military regime.

Myanmar's army deposed the incumbent government of Aung San Suu Kyi in February last year and broke down on mass demonstrations against its conduct violently.Some protesters of military rule took up arms after security forces unleashed deadly force on peaceful demonstrators.Myanmar's foreign ministry issued a statement on Friday, referring to a lack of progress in achieving the five-point agreement in the ASEAN joint statement because it ignores Myanmar's efforts on its realization.The four men recently executed were not punished because they were political opponents, but because they were found guilty of orchestrating, inciting, supporting, arming, and engaging in violent activities that resulted in the death of many innocent people.

I will only see this now is to continue to fight, he said.Why is it important?Because of a lack of confidence and execution by the activists, whether it is legal or illegal.And without this confidence, the war will continue and the democratic process would never begin, he said, because no one will come unless they are afraid for their lives.

He also stated that his role as an ASEAN special envoy was to communicate with all actors, including the organized opposition to Myanmar's military rulers.Myanmar's opposition parties operate as a subterranean branch of the National Unity Government and the Peoples Defence Force, which is allied with it.The groups have been branded terrorists by Myanmar's military regime, and they've even declared contact with them to be illegal.If Asean member states and external partners truly wish to help Myanmar return to normalcy, they should avoid working with terrorist organizations like NUG and PDF and should avoid any activities that might encourage terrorism, according to a statement issued by Myanmar's foreign ministry on Friday.