Watch as 105-Year-Old Woman Breaks 100-Meter Race Record

Rambai, 105, broke 100m record set by 101-year-old Maan Kaur in Vadodara . She ran the race alone due to a lack of suitable competitors in the field .

At the inaugural National Open Masters Athletics Championships in Vadodara, the 105-year-old Rambai beaten all odds and set a new record in 100 meters.Rambai was a force to be reckoned with in the above-100 category but ended up running the race alone due to a lack of suitable competitors in the field.She broke the record set by 101-year-old Maan Kaur, who was famous after winning gold in 100m in 74 seconds at the World Masters meet.My grandmother had four gold medals in a competition before this race, with 45.40 seconds set by a Haryana woman to break a new record in the 100m.

Rambais granddaughter Sharmila said that the centurion is very careful about what she consumes after being rewarded with two trophies in Badlapur, Maharashtra.Rambai is a good source of ghee and curd, she says.She also consumes a lot of ghee and drinks pure milk twice a day.Sharmila explained that she doesnt eat much rice.

Before that, we didn't even know there was a senior citizens race group, she said.Its a good feeling and I want to race again, said a delighted Rambai.