Watch to see how the Udaipur killers were apprehended.

Two men were caught on camera beheading a tailor in Rajasthans Udaipur, Rajasthan . The two men were seen trying to flee from the police, but the police team overpowered them in a video shared on Twitter .

Udaipur (Rajasthan) India : On June 29, the two men, who beheaded a tailor on camera in Rajasthan's Udaipur and rocked the country, attempted to flee the capital on a motorcycle, hid their faces behind them.The two were also apprehended by police.The accused were seen trying to flee from the police, but the police team overpowered them in a video shared on Twitter.Soon after, more police forces came to the rescue of Riyaz Akhtari and Ghouse Mohammad in other vehicles.

In reaction to the assassination of her husband (Kanhaiya Lal), his wife Yashoda ordered that the perpetrators be executed to death, demanding their death sentence and need revenge, said the wife of Kanhaiya Lal.He's been facing death threats for the past 10-15 days.They said they would kill him.People would attack him at home and in his shop both days.

Two men posed as customers at the store just hours after he reopened it.Kanhaiya's uncle called the police for capital punishment for the murderers, arguing that if the murderers were punished, he would be compelled to commit more crimes.The accused should be punished so that no one dares to commit such an offence once more.We want that their (murderers) encounter should occur or they should be hanged to death.

The NIA also filed a First Information Report (FIR) under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and various sections of the Indian Penal Code on Wednesday.After reaching Udaipur last night, a four-member NIA team has already disclosed the attack.The NIA team has started investigating from all angles.The incident occurred in the Udaipurs Maldas district.According to police, the two suspects posted a video on social media congratulating the beheading and insulting Prime Minister Narendra Modis life as well.

Riyaz was seen assaulting Kanhaiya Lal, 47, with a sharp-edged knife, while Ghouse, a younger, was apparently recording the crime on his cell phone.Following the assassination, local markets in the area were closed, as shoppers demanded revenge for the murder.A statewide warning has also been sent to all SPs and IGs.