We don't want an India-Pakistan final, says Jos Buttler ahead of the semifinal match.

England captain Jos Buttler says team would like to play spoilsport to India-Pakistan final . Buttler says he does not hate Bhuvneshwar, but that he does not mind Bhuvneshwar's bowling .

Adelaide, Australia, November 9: At a press conference in Adelaide on Wednesday, England captain Jos Buttler said the team would like to play spoilsport to an India-Pakistan final clash ahead of their semi-final match against India.On November 10, the wicketkeeper-batsman backed his team to win the semi-final against India, but refused to give cricket fans a high-voltage recap of the 2007 T20 World Cup final at the highest level of cricket.We certainly do not want to see an India versus Pakistan final, and we would go to whatever extent possible to spoil their game.Buttler said that they are a good team.

Everyone is excited about playing in the semifinals.We're certainly excited about the match against a great Indian team, as shown by this video.We like to be in such a situation.Buttler also shared news about the fitness of key English players David Malan and Mark Wood, claiming that they haven't recovered yet and are unlikely to make it to the playing eleven.Phil Salt was also suggested as a potential replacement for Malans' position, although Malan and Wood are uncertain.

We have faith in our medical team.We need guys to be strong.We have a lot of faith in each member of our squad.Going back to the Pakistan tour, we gave a lot of young people a chance to shine, and they did well.

He is someone who aims to excel, the captain told him.In his reflections on India's bowling lineup, the explosive batter said that Indian pacer Bhuvneshwar is a very good bowler, but that he does not hate him.While referring to Yuzvendra Chahal, he also stressed the importance of spinners in the middle overs and characterized him as a wicket-taking option.I have a feeling he (Bhuvneshwar) is a good bowler, but I do not mind him much.

The squad is made up of some excellent players.I think spinners play a crucial role in T20 cricket by taking wickets in middle innings.The process of runs is slowing as a result of wicket taking.Yuzi is a great bowler.

We are excited to compete in the semi-finals.We all know that playing our cards correctly gives us a good chance of winning.We want to stick to our strategy.I talk to Eoin a lot.

But he is also a great mate, he said when asked about the squad's game plan and whether he receives feedback from England's World Cup winning captain Eoin Morgan.Suryakumar Yadav, an Indian in-form batter, was also praised by the English captain, who said he has been in a good shape but that he can be dismissed and that the team would be desperate to do so.He (Suryakumar) has been a pleasure to work with.He is a pitcher with a lot of strikes.

165 is historically considered a par score, but we would not like to see a par score.We want to reach a winning number.Throughout the 40 overs, the wicket looks to be steady.When it comes to the Adelaide wicket, Buttler said that we all must adapt to the conditions in cricket.

Fans have been clamoring for the final of the India-Pakistan T20 World Cup on November 13 at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground.