When a driver dies in an accident, the Karnataka High Court dismisses charges against the lorry owner.

Karnataka high court dismisses allegations against lorry owner Guntapalli Bhavani . Bhavani was driving with her brother Suresh, who was electrocuted .

BENGALURU: The death of a prisoner must be the direct result of the accused's reckless and negligent conduct, as the Karnataka high court has ruled in a recent ruling, dismissing the allegations against a lorry's owner.Guntapalli Bhavani, a resident of Vijayawada, has challenged the charges brought against her by a JMFC in Anekal, Bengaluru rural district.One Ujjappa, a resident of Davanagere, lodged a police lawsuit against her, claiming that petitioner Bhavani was responsible for the death of his brother Suresh, who was driving with her.Suresh's tractor, loaded with crusher equipment, made landfall in Thammanayakanahalli village, Anekal taluk, on September 5, 2014, from Nayanapalli, Ananthpura district, Andhra Pradesh.

According to Ujjappa, the failure was caused by overloading.According to the transport department's certificate, Bhavani claimed that the lorry was carrying a laden weight of 26,120 kg, relative to the permitted capacity of 28,000 kg.Justice Hemant Chandanagoudar said that the vehicle was not overloaded as the complainant claimed and that the charge sheet filed against her is impermissible in the absence of a direct result of the accused's reckless and negligent conduct (Bhavani).