When a young man poses as an IAS officer at a police station, he is promptly arrested.

A 22-year-old youth pretended to be an IAS officer in the process of training and claimed to be a deputy commissioner in the Ludhiana district . The boy named Mithun Kainth was arrested and charged with criminal conduct .

Ludhiana: A 22-year-old youth with a sense of humor showed up at a police station to seek safety cover for himself after being convinced of him as an IAS officer by a few people.The criminal act was exposed only after the teenager was released from jail and charged with criminal conduct.When grilled, the boy named Mithun Kainth of the Dugri-I Nehri Colony spilled the beans.Later that day, police arrested him and filed an FIR.

However, he wanted to have the impression of being an IAS officer, so he introduced himself as one.Mithuns father worked in the irrigation department, and sub-inspector Jaswinder Singh of Dugri police station said on Thursday that he was there at the police station when the boy was riding his scooter.He posed as an IAS officer in the process of training and claimed to be a deputy commissioner in the Ludhiana district.He said he had to attend a karate championship at Guru Nanak Stadium as a chief guest for which he needed security personnel.I doubted him and asked him to hold an identity card.He gave him an entry card to the Dugri community center, which was mentioned before his name, and he provided his identity.

Mithun, on the other hand, was unable to prove himself as an IAS officer.We questioned him hard and he confessed to being an imposter, according to the sub-inspector.Mithun said that his mother wanted him to become an IAS officer and he was preparing for the exam.However, he wanted to get the feel of being an IAS officer.

The association conducted karate lessons at the same location.They considered inviting him as the chief guest in their championship.Mithun went to the police station to arrest security forces.He had also alerted the police commissioner for his safety, SJ Jaswinder Singh said the cops also learned that he had rented a car on rent on which he had displayed a Government of India sticker enabling him to save toll tax and gain other benefits.

In the investigation, a lawsuit under Section 420 (cheating), 170 (Personating a public servant), and 171 (wearing a grab or token worn by a public servant with deceptive intent) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC has been filed.