When should you celebrate Rakhi in 2022? Understand Shubh Muhurat

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on Purnima Tithi of Shukla Paksha . The festival has a huge religious significance among Hindus .

Raksha Bandhan 2022: The day to remember the bond of love and admiration between brother and sister.Raksha Bandhan is also known as Rakhi.This is the country's most popular Hindu festival, which is celebrated with utmost zeal and enthusiasm.In the month of Shravan, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on Purnima Tithi of Shukla Paksha.

Purnima Tithi Begins-Thursday, 11th August, 2022-10:38 AM Purnima Tithi Ends-Friday, 12th August, 2022-07:05 AM Raksha Bandhan Bhadra Time-Thursday, 11th August, 2022-08:51 PM to 09:12 PM The Astrologer said that Rakhi can be celebrated on the 12th August as Purnima Tithi is Udaya Ti On Friday, 12th August, the Auspicious Time to tie Rakhi is:Abhijeet Muhurat-Friday, 12th August, 11:59 AM to 12:52 PM Shubh Choghadiya-Friday, 12th August, 12:25 PM to 02:05 PM Raksha Bandhan 2022 Importance :This festival has a huge religious significance among Hindus.On this day, people celebrate this day as a sign of love and respect for each other.All sisters join a thread around their brothers' wrists on this auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan, wishing for their brothers' well-being and longevity, while brothers promise to shield their sisters from any hardships in life.Since the Purnima Tithi is observed on both the days of 11th and 12th August, it is uncertain when the festival of Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated.

Why Rakhi should not be celebrated during Bhadra Period It should be strictly avoided because it has malefic properties and it is thought that celebrating this unique festival during Bhadra time is unadvisable.Before beginning any important ritual, one should always check Shubh Muhurat and Choghadiya of the day.Bhadra is the daughter of Lord Surya and Chhaya, and she is the sister of Shani Dev.Bhadra was about to swallow the entire universe when she was born, according to legend.

Therefore, Rakhi should not be tied to the Bhadra period.