Who might succeed David Cameron as prime minister of the United Kingdom?

Boris Johnson resigns as British Prime Minister paving the way for a cross-party contest . Several potential successors have been proposed, but there is no single winner .

LONDON (LONDON) Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, has resigned as Conservative leader, paving the way for a cross-party contest to replace him and become Prime Minister.Although several potential successors have been proposed, there is no single winner.Bis recently, the UK's first Hindu chancellor, who resigned on Tuesday, was the bookmakers' favorite.Nevertheless, questions regarding his personal fortune and family's tax arrangements deterred his growth.

Sunak, 42, has a large following on social media and has received kudos for bolstering the economy during the pandemic.But his refusal to initially grant more funding for a escalating cost-of-living epidemic has weakened his popularity.In the 2019 leadership election, former foreign and health secretary Jeremy Hunt, 55, lost to Johnson when he branded himself as the most credible alternative.Last month, Hunt delivered a thinly veiled campaign announcement for a new leadership challenge, arguing that under Johnson, we are no longer trusted by the voters and that we are likely to lose the next general election.

A Johnson ally recently savaged his pre-pandemic record as health secretary.Liz Truss, 46, is a popular Conservative Party member, known for her sincerity and willingness to wage the political campaign.But that has also stoked doubts about her ability, as she encouraged Britons to fight in Ukraine in February, for example.Critics argue that her leadership style is overt.

She is reportedly shorted this week to attend a G20 meeting in Westminster, where she will make a statement later Thursday.Javid, who also resigned as health secretary on Tuesday, had previously resigned as finance minister in 2020.The 52-year-old is the son of a Pakistani immigrant bus driver who went on to become a high-flying banker.He also faces questions about his personal wealth and tax affairs, as Sunak.

The former army officer and Johnson ally has minimized his desire to run the group, but is seen as a straight-talking and gifted individual.Nadhim Zahawi, 55, was recently elected Finance Minister of the United Kingdom and praised for overseeing the expansion of British pandemic vaccines before heading the education department.Zahawi is a former Iraqi refugee who came to Britain as a child and spoke no English.He co-founded the famous polling company YouGov before entering politics.

The former army officer, 49, is a renowned backbencher who chairs parliament's influential Foreign Affairs Committee.Tugendhat has confirmed that he would contest any leadership race, but there is no love between him and Johnson loyalists.He has been critical of the government's handling of the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, calling himself a hawk on China.Mordaunt, 49, is the first woman to serve as the UK defence secretary and currently serves as a junior trade minister.

She has been touted as a viable unity candidate who could gain support from the Conservative parties' cavalier factions as a strong Brexit supporter and a crucial figure in the 2016 Leave campaign.When Johnson was in intensive care with Covid-19 in 2020, Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Secretary Dominic Raab, 48, led the country.The former prosecutor and karate black belt is seen as a good ally.But his elevation to justice from the position of foreign secretary was seen as a shambola as the Afghan capital Kabul fell to the Taliban.

The arch-Brexiteer, 42, is a long-shot contender, known within the party for her euroscepticism.She is one of 28 so-called Spartan Tory MPs who refused to endorse ex-Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plan on all three occasions it was voted on in parliament.