Why did Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, invoke Rangeya Raghav?

Rangeya Raghav is a well-known Hindi writer who is best known for his novels, short stories, poems, and travelogues . He was the first Tamilian born in Agra in 1923 and completed his PhD on Guru Gorakhnath .

LUCKNOW: The move generated outrage among the socio-political circles on August 4, when CM Yogi Adityanath declared the establishment of a research seat in the name of renowned litterateur Rangeya Raghav at the forthcoming Maharaja Suheldev University in Azamgarh.Raghav is a well-known Hindi writer who is best known for his novels, short stories, poems, and travelogues.In the 1980s, one of his famous novels, Kab Tak Pukaroon, was turned into a popular television serial starring Pankaj Kapur and Pallavi Joshi, for Doordarshan.Experts point out two possible reasons for Yogi to invoke him.

He also completed his PhD on Guru Gorakhnath, an 11th-century saint after whom the Gorakhpur-based monastery is named.Yogi is the chief priest of this Goraksha Peeth.The Raghavs family is said to be from Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh.Political observers point out that Raghav's Tamilian credentials have a great deal in common with the recent DMK-led Tamil Nadu government's opposition to Hindi as an alternative language in the south Indian state.

However, Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin's statement was vehemently denied, saying that the Tamil people still remembered late party patriarch M Karunanidhi's anti-Hindi retaliation, insisting that they did not allow it to happen.Prof Ravi Kant, an associate professor at the Lucknow University's Hindi department, says he is one of his time's finest Hindi writers.Raghav said he stepped above his Tamilian roots to write down some of his finest creations in Hindi.According to CM Yogi, he may have sent a subtle warning to the Tamil Nadu government over its inability to embrace Hindi.

He was the recipient of the Hindustan Akademi Award, the Dalmia Award, the Rajasthan Sahitya Akademi Award, and, in homage to Mahatma Gandhi, which was presented in honor of his life.Raghav's background as a scholar in Guru Gorakhnath, who is also regarded as the founder of the Nath Sect, has heightened general interest in politics.In the east UP region, one cannot deny his (Guru Gorakhnath) influence.Prof SK Dwivedi, the former head of the Lucknow University political science department, said that his contribution to the social sector should also be looked at from a broad angle.

He said that varied topics could be explored.Prof Dwivedi shared an example of how Prof Rajni Kothari, a political scientist, said that politics in India is not possible without caste and religion.