Wife and daughter kill farmer

Rishita Patel, 42, stabbed her father with a paper cutter, police say . Ghanshyam Patel, a farmer, was killed by his daughter, Rishita Patel, 42 .

Ahmedabad (Anapolis): On Thursday afternoon, a 15-year-old boy allegedly killed her father by slitting his throat at his home in Kolavada village in Gandhinagar district, when his daughter, Rishita Patel, 42, stabbed him with a paper cutter, according to Pethapur police.Rishita hit Ghanshyam on the head with a pestle until he stopped writhing, according to a police officer.According to the officer, Ghanshyam married Rishita 18 years earlier.The couple had frequent domestic battles.

According to Pethapur police sub-inspector M H Rana, the couple settled their dispute and began living together at Kolavada village a week ago.Rana said Ghanshyam was a farmer and the two frequently clashed over financial issues.Ghanshyam returned home from somewhere on Thursday afternoon.Rishita provided him with food.

Rishita's daughter assaulted him with a paper cutter while he was battling her.Jagdish Patel, Ghanshyams' brother, has lodged a murder charge against Rishita and her daughter.Jagdish noticed him lying in a pool of blood when he got to his cousin, Vipul Patel, and told him that Ghanshyam had been murdered.He said that Ghanshyams daughters T-shirt had blood stains.

Rishita and her daughter were arrested for murder by the police, who then called them.