Wife won't drive, and man sets fire to her parents' house in Surat

Urmila Gagurde, a resident of Ahwa, filed a police lawsuit against her husband, Jitu, a licensed chauffeur, for torching her parents home in Pandva village . Urmila alleges he slapped her and threatened to kill her as a result .

SURAT: Marital fights can entail minor squabbles to more serious confrontations.But can you imagine torching a wife's parental home in a fit of anger?In a horrific case in Dang district, a man torched his in-laws house after his wife refused to drive a car.As they escaped on schedule, no family member was hospitalized.

Cops filed a lawsuit and launched an investigation into the bizarre situation.On June 19, Jitu and his wife Urmila and their two sons went for a picnic in Lashkariya village.Jitu reportedly consumed alcohol and asked Urmila to drive the car on her return.The drunk man was enraged by her refusal when she refused because she did not know how to drive.

She cautioned the cops that he would torch her parents' house if she ever went there.Jitu then driven the car and returned home with his family, bringing the family home.Urmila returned to her paternal home in Pandva village, about 23 kilometers from Ahwa, on Monday evening.She stayed there for the night after dinner.

Urmila rushed out of the house with her parents and siblings soon after and could easily contain the fire with water.Wood beams in the house caught fire and were destroyed as a result of the fire.According to her, a stock of wood logs that had been stored in the house's backyard also turned into ashes.The complainant and other witnesses to the crash have been recorded by police.

After gathering evidence, the cops said more steps would be taken against him.