With a hackathon, the Goa police intend to solve fundamental policing issues and increase efficiency.

Goa police organized a 48-hour hackathon to solve basic policing problems by using programming and logic skills . The event will begin at 12.01 a.m.

Panaji: Goa police have organized a 48-hour hackathon to solve basic policing problems by using programming and logic skills and create a flexible solution that improves police effectiveness.The 20 teams chosen on the basis of the abstract submitted will be invited to compete in the final non-stop 48-hour hackathon to bring their ideas to realization.At this stage, the teams are supposed to create a working version of the solution based on the chosen problem statement.The event will begin at 12.01 a.m. on August 20 and end at 11.59 p.m. on August 21.

On August 22, all 20 teams will pitch the prototype they created during the hackathon to a jury.Each team will have a 10-minute slot for presentation.The presentation will be judged on the basis of suitability for police needs, technological advancement, design flexibility, and UIIX.Later in the talk, the marking scheme for the final presentation will be disclosed.

We encourage all Goan students to actively participate in the initiative and support the people and nation building by using technology to improve police effectiveness and the use of technological advancements, according to Goa police.The hackathon is being organized as a collaboration between Goa police and students who can use their innovative thinking, technical expertise, and enthusiasm for creating web solutions for effective policing and guaranteeing civil safety.The hackathon is being held in a competitive format, but it is also a step forward in a collaborative effort between socially responsible students and law enforcement agencies to ensure a prosperous and secure society, according to police.According to the government, all Goan students are encouraged regardless of the subject they are studying to participate in this effort to ensure stability in the community by means of novel crime detection and prevention techniques.