With no panel, the fate of almost 3000 vendors is in jeopardy.

Chandigarh MC has suspended licenses of over 3,000 street vendors . The fate of over 3,000 street vendors in the region remains in jeopardy .

Chandigarh: With the formation of a town vending commission yet to be completed, the fate of over 3,000 street vendors in the region remains in jeopardy.Due to the inability of over 3,000 vendors to pay a fee to the Chandigarh MC, licenses of over 3,000 vendors have been suspended.According to sources, the TVC is the highest body that will make a final decision on the cancellation of errant vendor's licenses.According to sources, the civic body authority has written to the UT administration to nominate officers from several departments as members of the TVC, so that the committee can be formed and its meetings can begin to address issues, agendas, and topics related to vendors.

The urban planning department also plays a vital role in identifying locations, their substitution, and modification, etc.The Town Vending Committee is the supreme body to make all street vending related decisions.It deals with policy making, decision making, redressal of vendor problems, tackling site problems, etc.For the past year, major problems, grievances, and concerns of vendors have remained unanswered.